All City Stick Driving School

All City Stick Driving School was established in 1999 and have quickly become San Diego #1 provider for stick/standard vehicle training.

We provide services for all major hotels valet parking training as well as Ace parking. Our stick shift/standard training can also be purchased through our DVDS and Apps, that right the same method used in our day-to-day training is now available on DVD. Using only this DVD with its easy five-step process, our method has shown success rates of over 98%, when followed correctly. It has been tested in age groups ranging from 15 to 75 years old both male and female with outstanding result.


Appointment Changes

Students must give our office 24 hours notice of any schedule changes or cancellations. If the cancellation or change is not done 24 hours before the appointment scheduled, a $35.00 no show fee will be charged.


RULE is Strictly Enforced!

  • Family emergencies or any emergency.
  • Student does not have their permit (Student is responsible for
    having their permit, and the instructor is not rquired to drive
    dent to where their permit is, nor wait for the student to drive
    anywhere else to get their permit.
  • Students Permit has expired.
  • Student has forgotten to change their pick up address.
  • Student did not hear the Schedule Dates correctly or forgot pickup time.

We Will Repeat The Schedule Dates

It Is up to the Student to Verify The Schedule Dates


All weekend appointments are confirmed and cannot be changed. No cancellations for the weekend any cancellations must be made by 5PM on Thursday no exception to the weekend rule.

The 6 hours behind the wheel certificate will be held until the balance of the 6 hours is paid. The 6 hours of behind the wheel is considered to have a remaining balance if a $35.00 charge occurs. The $35.00 charge is added to price you paid for 6 hours and is considered the price of 6 hours.

It is each student’s responsibility to notify his/her parents of this cancellation policy Driving School A Online Drivers Ed. All Rights Reserved. Fees are non-refundable. We honor our behind-the-wheel up to one year from the date you are given your completion of classroom certificate 01-237, meaning you have one year to do your behind-the-wheel training or you will have to pay full price again for lesson.


of Apps and DVDs are final.

We will replace the DVD if damage while shipping and its proven to be our fault. The training provided by our school on stick shift/standard whether by instructors or by our DVDs are the very best money can buy, there maybe someone who can teach you how to drive a stick as good as All City Stick Driving School, But I am 100% sure no one can teach you better !!!!!!

  • We also have all of your classroom requirements available online
  • Save time. The online usually take about 4 or 5 days to complete.
  • Once student have completed the online classroom training their completion certificate will be mail immediately to address provided when they signed up. > Our driving school is located at 121 Broadway Ave San Diego ca 92101 ste 372.
  • After receiving the certificate and passing the DMV exam and obtaining a learner permit they will then call 619-302-9290 to schedule their behind-the-wheel training, they will have a choice to choose from stick shift/standard vehicle or automatic in which to do their training in.
  • The behind-the-wheel is a total of six hours two hour per day for three days.
  • They will have to have their learner permit for a total of six months from the date its issue by the DMV before they can take the DMV road test for their driver license.
  • We pick up students in El Cajon, Lakeside, La Mesa, Santee, Spring Valley, Chula Vista, Lemon Grove, Bonita, National City, San Diego, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo, Poway, Mira Mesa, and San Marcos. North County and ocean beach, Point Loma, Lake Murray, East Lake, Sorrento Valley, and most of surrounding cities call for more details