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Yesterday I completed my 6 hours of instruction and today I drove my stick shift car to work successfully! I have been driving automatic transmission cars for 11 years but when my husband bought me a manual I thought I would NEVER learn. Maurice said he was 100% positive I would learn how to do it and he was 100% CORRECT. Maurice possessed the most important aspect of anyone teaching stick shift: PATIENCE. He helped to calm me down while I was being honked at by other drivers when I stalled. He told me specific step-by-step instructions on what to do. Plus, he has a sense of humor which should be required for his field! I would definitely recommend Maurice to anyone that needs to learn stick shift. Let's face it, you REALLY don't want your significant other teaching you.

Michelle P.

Ahmad is an excellent driving instructor and coach and Maurice is a great point of contact. We went to another local driving school before and were not happy with the instruction. Second time around with All City Stick Driving School my daughter gained valuable experience and passed her test! Very pleased with their professionalism and preparation for the behind the wheel driving test. Highly recommend

Donna S.

The instructor ahmad is so patient and great at explaining things got the hang of it right away thanks to him would highly recommend

Monique O.

I'd never touched a stick shift. Learned within the first couple lessons. Clear, concise, and practical knowledge. No reservations in recommending him.

Luis C.

Took 3 lessons with Maurice. Great patience and keen expertise. Adapted to my style and skill level and made me feel comfortable with his on-the-spot advice. His knowledge of San Diego is vast and the real time challenges were extremely helpful. Now I look forward to driving my manual transmission car every time. Money well invested.

Derick D.

My son took 3 lessons with Ahmad from All City Stick Driving School. Ahmad made my son feel very comfortable, he was very good at explaining everything that he needed to know when behind the wheel. He is a great instructor - very thorough, and especially on his last lesson Ahmad showed my son the route he would be taking when doing his drive test at the DMV. My son felt prepared and passed his test at the DMV. Scheduling appointments with the driving school was quick and convenient as i did it all through text !! Thank you All City Stick Driving School I will be using you guys again when my other two boys are of age.......

Margherita C.

I highly recommend this driving school. My daughter just passed with nearly a perfect score on her first try. She felt completely confident and prepared thanks to their help. They were so nice, easy to work with, accommodating, and easy to schedule! They were happy to pick my daughter up and drop her off as needed as part of her driving lesson, rather than me having to meet them at their office. This is a huge bonus for a working mom! I have referred them to several others already who have all been happy. Highly recommend - nice, good, reasonably priced, reliable, and accommodating - what more could you ask for! Thanks!

Jamie W.

Both of my daughters used All City Stick Driving School. Great experience! Ahmad is excellent and both daughters passed their driving test on their first attempt. Nice owner. Easy to communicate by text. Definitely recommend this school. Melody thanks you Ahmad!

Karoll B.

First, let me start by telling my history. In the pass, whenever I made an attempt at driving I would get confused between the gas and the break pedal. On one of my first attempts at driving, I crashed into a school in Mexico. My confusion between these two pedals gave me and overwheleming fear, fear that I might hurt someone, so I gave up. I had an accumulation of years of nervousness and anziety building up inside of me, so much that I reached 30 years of age and still didnt know how to drive. After my boyfriend pushed me and motivated me to get my license and a car, I finally decided it was time to confront one of my biggest fears which was driving. I booked 12 hours and arranged to have my classes the same week of my behind the wheel exam, I would start on Monday and that same week, I would have my exam on Friday. Being that I get off work at 5pm, I could only do a 5:30pm-7:30pm class, which meant that it would be even harder since I was to learn how to drive in the night. I started my classes, had difficulty and challenges along the way but I overcame my fears, specially my confusion between the gas and the break pedal. I learned how to drive in just one week and passed my driving exam and now have a licence! I cannot finish this review without mentioning Ahmed, my driving instructor. He is simply amazing, I truly got blessed, everytime I made a mistake while learning how to drive he told me exactly what I did wrong so that i could correct it. He was always calm which helped me stay calm. He never got angry or frustrated, he was always reassuring and encouraging while remaining honest and helping me improve. When I was taking my lessons, he was always 100 attentive, I could tell he loves what he does. He also coached me thoroughly before my exam. He is truly a teacher and gives you more than your money's worth. If I can learn how to drive and get my license, anybody can! Thanks Ahmed!

Esperanza O.

Thanks again to Yelp we found a specialty service like this one that DELIVERED. My daughter recently came to CA after growing up in Europe, and my insurance Co. wouldn't add her to my policy until a CA-Drivers license holder. Although she didn't have to learn manual transmission technique after driving them in Spain 4 years, we went with All-City; and are their awesome reviews ever TRUE ! Maurice handled payment & scheduling details so efficiently (and gave us the great option to start with only a 2-hour preliminary screening course). Ahmad came right on time to our address to get her the day before her Big Day @ the Chula Vista DMV. He "was so cool" in my daughter's opinion---and ran her through the three distinct test drive routes of this field office, pointing out Inspector focus items, catching her errors and just putting her at ease overall. End Result = PASS the first test attempt (with only 3 minor errors noted by Inspector. Thanks to Al City Stick for graduating another new CA driver by their proven experience & teaching methods. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

David W.

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