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How we can help you pass the auto and stick shift test?

27 Aug 2019
How we can help you pass the auto and stick shift test?

Safety on the road is everyone’s job, and to ensure this, you need to pass your driving test before you are legally eligible to drive a vehicle on road. And as a matter of fact, the licensing department is in no hurry to onboard everyone on road. They want to make sure that you are well trained to drive safely before they grant you’re permitted to drive. This shows the importance of passing a driving test. But you need not worry, at All City Stick School, we can help you pass your driving test easily.

The driving test usually deals with two different categories of vehicles. The first one is automatic transmission and the other one is a stick shift vehicle. Luckily, we master both of these training processes. Here’s how we can help you pass the driving tests for standard transmission and stick shift in San Diego, Del Marr, and National City.

  • Expert and Professional Trainers: Learning to drive needs practice under able supervision. We make sure you are provided the best driving trainers to help you with the concepts of driving such as how to master auto transmission and stick shift in an easy way.


  • Easy to grasp video lessons: Besides the actual training sessions, we also offer driving lesson videos to help you get started with your own training sessions. You can log into your device and start learning at your own comfort and pace.
  • Learn on the go with our apps: To make the learning process even easier, we have put our best efforts to design a driving training app. This will help you be more comfortable when you actually go behind the wheels. Download our “Learn to Drive StickShift” app for your device and start learning.
  • DVDs in your native language: Learning in your native language is fun. Our team of professional trainers has curated lectures and training sessions in multiple languages. Choose from the multilingual DVDs at the most affordable prices.
  • Practice Tests: Once you are prepared for the test, we take it a step further with our practice tests to help you prepare for your actual driving test.

If you are looking for a driving school in San Diego or nearby areas, we can help you with the training process. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started, or an experienced driver who needs to master certain driving skills, we have dedicated resources for each of you. Contact us now to book your appointment today.